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30+ layout options

This header intro text is optional.

Five homepage layouts

Two magazine-like layouts which are widget based.

Let your blog to be your homepage with “blog” layout, keeping the slider and “Home” sidebar as is.

Two static (full-width and sidebar) layouts are highly customizable, you can come up with tens of custom layouts through theDawn elements.

Customizable header

Expandable header for big logos, optional site description with a nice animation effect, optional header search, optional login button with a nice sliding form.

Header Intro

Your header intro is the area beneath the primary top-menu and just above the breadcrumbs. It contains a title and a description text, You can completely disable it, or disable the description text only.


Also optional.

Three blog layouts

Blog index pages have a floated image layout, full-width image witch can be omitted for certain posts, or completely disabled-blog-image layout.

Seven portfolio layouts

Seven different layouts, some of them are jQuery enhanced.

Sidebar layouts

Your sidebars can be aligned to the right or to the left.

Footer layouts

Your footer can bare a whole website data in it, because of it’s wide variety of options and layouts. You have three footer areas;

  • Big footer, which comes with 9 different layouts, and it supports any widget you have (Except ads widget). It can be disabled.
  • Sub-footer; which has two areas. It can be disabled too.
  • Standard footer, which is located at the very bottom of your theme, and it contains your secondary menu, and copyright information.

Column layouts

Ten column layout options check it out.

Gallery layouts

Full-width and sidebar.

Page layouts

Full-width and sidebar.